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AmiMess Kolkata is THE most centrally located, top-ranked backpacker hostel in Kolkata. Our hostel is close to the direct airport metro and a short walk away from the train station.

From the narrowest lanes with small shops to swanky malls; from roadside chaat stalls to the most expensive restaurants; with a charm that combines the eras of ancient India, the Mughals, the British, and the post-independence India, Kolkata has stood witness to changes since time immemorial. Kolkata has been a stirring pot of Indian cultures, as is befitting to a city. Right in its heart lies the backpacking hub of DumDum, which might seem a bit sleepy and noisy in the day but comes alive, larger than life, in the night.

AmiMess Kolkata, on a busy street of DumDum, is often the first stop for International travellers before embarking to other destinations in India. One visit to Kolkata is enough to lose one’s heart to it forever.

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The Main Thing Of this Hostel Is We Provide 24×7 Security Service.